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How to get from Helsinki airport to city center by train, bus, or taxi

How to get from Helsinki airport to city center by train, bus, or taxi

Helsinki airport, officially Helsinki-Vantaa airport, is located about 20 kilometers away from the city center. Here's how to get from the airport to the city.

By train

This is usually the most convenient way of getting both to the airport and to the city center from the airport. There are two trains that run from the Helsinki railway station to the airport: I and P train.

You can hop on either one of them. They take a different route but together form a circular route. They both take approximately the same time, 30 minutes, to get to the city (and then back to the airport again).

The train makes stops along the way but if you're heading to the city center, you'll want to get off at the last stop: Helsinki Central Railway Station.

How to get to the platform in the airport? Just follow the signs indicating the way to the train. There's only one place for the trains and both trains passing through there take you to Helsinki. The platform is underground so you have to take either the escalator or elevator.

How do I buy a ticket? The train fare is €4.10 (in 2022). You can buy a single ticket at the ticket machine in the airport.

But I strongly recommend downloading the mobile app for Helsinki metropolitan area public transportation: HSL app in Google Play or App Store.

It's super convenient especially if you plan on using public transportation during your stay. In most buses/trams/metro/trains you can't buy a ticket in the vehicle so you have to buy it in advance. It's just so easy with this app. Add your payment method and you can buy single tickets or day tickets. The app has a journey planner so just insert your destination and it calculates the best route and tells you which ticket you need.

The Helsinki metropolitan area is divided into four zones: A, B, C and D. Helsinki-Vantaa airport is located in the C zone so to get to the city you need an ABC ticket. The vehicle doesn't matter, only the zone: you can use your ticket for buses, trams, trains, metro and even a ferry.

If during your stay you plan to only travel inside Helsinki, you only need an AB ticket (fun fact: there is no ticket just for the A zone). But for airport transit, always have an ABC ticket.

By bus

There's one bus that goes from the airport to the city center (other buses go to other parts of Helsinki). That is the line 600. I would recommend taking the bus instead of the train if you're staying somewhere along its route, like Kallio or Vallila. You can check the bus route here.

How to get to the platform? The bus platforms are located outside the terminals, in a different place from the trains. Just follow the bus signs at the airport and you'll be fine.

How do I buy a ticket? Same as with the train. The bus fare is €4.10 (in 2022). You can buy a ticket at the machine, either inside the airport or by the bus platform. But I repeat: download the app! Do it!

By taxi, or Uber and other ridesharing companies

The taxi scene in Helsinki is a bit messy. You have several taxi operators to choose from. Sounds nice but how do you really compare them and their prices?

There are some billboards in the airport where you can compare prices and all taxis should have their fares visible but it can be a hassle to get an idea of their prices. In general: a taxi ride from the airport to the city is around 40 euros. I would recommend just asking the price before taking the taxi.

The taxi companies should be reliable. Some of the more established ones include companies such as Taxi Helsinki, Lähitaksi or Helsinki Airport Taksi. Some of them have fixed-rate offers at 35-45 euros if you travel from the airport to the city center.

You'll find all the taxis in the same place, follow the signs at the airport.

Same goes for Uber and other ridesharing companies. Just follow the taxi signs. The pickup place is next to the taxi stop. It's marked as "pre-ordered taxis".

Frequently asked about Helsinki-Vantaa transit

How do I get from Helsinki airport to the city center by public transport? The most convenient transit is by train, either I or P train. Ticket costs €4.10 (in 2022) and the ride takes about 30 minutes and you arrive at Helsinki Central Railway Station, right at the center of the city.

How much is a taxi from Helsinki airport to the city center? Fares vary but the price is usually between €35-50. You might get a cheaper price with Uber and other ridesharing services.



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