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26 best cafés in Helsinki loved by locals (+ best vegan options, pastries and specialty coffee)

26 best cafés in Helsinki loved by locals (+ best vegan options, pastries and specialty coffee)

Finns are famous for their fondness of coffee and, not surprisingly, Helsinki boasts a multitude of great coffee shops.

Traditional Finnish coffee is a light roast filter coffee but nowadays you'll find high-quality specialty coffee in pretty much every coffee shop. But remember: if you order just a coffee, you'll get a filter coffee – not an espresso.

Picking just a few best cafés proved to be impossible so here's an extensive list of (some) of my favorites, sectioned by style. All of these are located more or less centrally.


☕ Note: In Finland, cafés are usually self-service. Order at the bar, pay and enjoy your coffee at the table. And no tipping expected.

Good old-fashioned Helsinki staples

Old school charm, seashore vibes and other quirky options that are famous Helsinki-wide.

1. Café Ekberg

Café Ekberg

Founded in 1852, this is the oldest café in Helsinki. Located very centrally on the beautiful Bulevardi. Not the cheapest option but definitely a classic in the Helsinki coffeehouse scenery.

2. Strindberg

Located in Esplanadi, this classic café has the same upscale, traditional vibe as Ekberg. In Strindberg, waiters serve the tables, so you don't need to order at the bar (very uncommon in Helsinki!). But you'll be paying for this service with a bit higher prices compared to other coffeehouses.

3. Café Engel

A little piece of Paris in Helsinki. Café Engel stands right in front of our most famous sight, Tuomiokirkko (Cathedral). You might expect this to be a tourist trap, but no, locals love and visit Engel as well. This is a nice place for breakfast. Engel is a bit pricey but given the location that should be no surprise.

4. Fazer Café

If Fazer rings any bells, it might be because it is one of the largest chocolate and candy manufacturers in Finland. Fazer has several cafés in Helsinki but the most famous are the ones on Kluuvikatu and Bulevardi. The one on Kluuvikatu is Fazer's “original” café, opened in 1891.

5. Café Succès

Café Succès
Café Succès

You'll find Café Succès in the Ullanlinna neighborhood. It has a Parisian spirit and some of the biggest cinnamon buns in the city. Try their salmon soup for lunch.

6. Café Esplanad

Prime location on Esplanadi. Café Esplanad is run by the same owners as Café Succès and they definitely share the same Parisian spirit.

7. Café Regatta

Café Regatta in winter

This quirky outdoors café is a Helsinki icon. The little red cottage stands by the sea in Töölö, next to Sibelius park. It's only outdoor seating so dress accordingly. Note: they don't serve any specialty coffee here.

8. Taideterassi

Big terrace in a beautiful setting with views looking over the Töölönlahti Bay. Take a walk around the bay and stop for a coffee in this wooden villa or its terrace.

9. Tin Tin Tango

Located a bit further from the city center in Töölö, Tin Tin Tango is a modern classic. Yet another café that I'd describe as Parisian. Tin Tin Tango (also known as Tintti) is a popular breakfast place.

Modern classics in Helsinki's café scene

Their roots might not go decades back but these are loved by the locals.

10. Roasberg

Roasberg is located right across from the railway station (they also have another location in the Mall of Tripla in Pasila). They have surprisingly extensive opening hours for a café. If you're all coffeed out, maybe enjoy a glass of wine.

11. La Torrefazione

It started with just one café on Aleksanterinkatu, but now La Torrefazione has grown into a chain. They have several locations in the center of Helsinki. The patio area in their Lasipalatsi location is really nice in the summertime.

12. IPI Kulmakuppila

IPI Kulmakuppila
IPI Kulmakuppila

IPI Kulmakuppila is located in the heart of Kallio, right next to the Kallio Library and Karhupuisto park. Modern, airy, Scandinavian decor with big windows. IPI supports a good cause by employing people with special needs. Only downside is that this place closes early, already at 4 pm.

13. Gran Delicato

A little touch of Greece in Kamppi. Gran Delicato is a cute café with some old-timey interiors, such as charming arches, exposed brick and checkered floors. For lunch they usually serve Greek (and Finnish) dishes.

14. Finlandia Cafe & Wine (Pikku-Finlandia)

The name Pikku-Finlandia translates to “Little Finlandia” and it's the little sister of the Finlandia Hall. This place is a celebration of Finnish design with raw wooden finishes and dishware by Finnish design brands. Terrace looks over the Töölönlahti Bay.

Best coffee from small roasters in Helsinki

High-quality coffee from independent small roasters. Enjoy a cup or buy a bag of beans or ground coffee to bring home.

15. Kaffa Roastery

Kaffa Roastery

Located in Punavuori, Kaffa Roastery serves delicious coffee roasted right there in their facilities. The premises are in a basement / ground-level floor which creates a cozy, a little dimly lit, atmosphere. You can buy a bag of coffee beans and ask them to ground them for you.

16. Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo

“Helsinki coffee roaster” has two locations: one in the idyllic neighbourhood of Wooden Vallila (Puu-Vallila) and one in the Teurastamo area in Kalasatama.

17. Cafetoria

Latin American roots guarantee quality coffee. This small roaster's coffee shop is located in Töölö. Enjoy a coffee here or buy some beans home.

Best pastries to go with your coffee

If you need a little sugar fix with your coffee, try one of these.

18. Patisserie Teemu Aura

As the name suggests, this is a patisserie specializing in pastries and cakes. If you're looking for some eye candy for your Insta feed, this palace will deliver. Located in Hakaniemi.

19. Le Paris

A little piece of Paris in Katajanokka that serves lovely French macarons and croissants. This place is tiny with only a few tables so it's best suited for small parties or take-away treats.

20. Levain


Levain has two locations: one in Punavuori and one in Töölö. They have a wide selection of delicious baked goods. Some of the best almond croissants in Helsinki.

21. Way Bakery

Located in Kallio, Way Bakery has become very popular. It's a hipster favorite with delicious pastries and freshly baked bread.

22. Greenbake


A café/bakery in Töölö. Stop for a coffee and spot trams passing by on Runeberginkatu. As it's a bakery, their opening hours are better suited for the early birds. Greenbake opens at 7.30 am but closes already at 3 pm.

23. Le Grenier

Another French-style café! The French know their pastries. Le Grenier is located in Meilahti, a bit further away from the center. But if you're in the neighborhood, pay a visit. The café itself is very small, but if you're looking for a take-away treat, try their éclairs and croissants.

24. Gateau

Gateau is a chain of bakeries that also serve coffee. You can find their shops in various locations around central Helsinki.

Vegan cafés in Helsinki

You can get plant-based milk pretty much in every café but here are a couple of recommendations for places that carry vegan baked goods too.

25. Kahvila Rakastan

Kahvila Rakastan

Rakastan is all vegan. Located in the beautiful milieu of Villa Hakasalmi, you wouldn't believe you're right in the center of Helsinki.

26. Round

Round is known for their vegan doughnuts (hence the name). They're not cheap, but they are delicious. This café also serves all-day breakfast and brunch. Round has two locations: one in Punavuori and one in Kallio.



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