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9 restaurants for cheap eats in Helsinki – get your belly full on budget

9 restaurants for cheap eats in Helsinki – get your belly full on budget

Helsinki isn't really known for cheap restaurants. It's an expensive city and you can spend good money on dinner – especially on drinks.

But if you just need some tasty grub and don't want to spend your travel budget on one meal, there are some good options.

I put together a list of restaurants where you can have a hearty meal for under 15 euros.

If you want a drink, you'll likely pay more. But remember: in Finland, tap water is usually free (plus tasty and perfectly safe to drink) and either automatically served to the table or available for you to pick up yourself. Fancier places might be another story.

Insider tip: don't skip lunch offers

Most restaurants have a lunch offer, which is either a daily special or a buffet. Lunch is usually around 10-13 euros. This is a pretty good deal: you can enjoy a meal even at a bit more upscale place but at a very reasonable price.

9 cheap(ish) restaurants in Helsinki

For a budget-friendly dinner, here are some of my suggestions for (relatively) cheap restaurants in Helsinki.

All these places are self-service so remember to order at the bar!

1. Green Hippo

Maybe better known for breakfast and lunch, Green Hippo serves dinner, too. They actually have the same menu for lunch and dinner, but at lunch you get it at a cheaper price. But dinner won't blow up your budget either.

Green Hippo serves healthier choices, and they don't have red meat on their menu. Famous for their avocado pasta and chicken bowl.

2. Friends & Brgrs

Think of McDonald's, but better. This chain of restaurants is advertised as quality fast food. It doesn't provide the most romantic ambiance, but the food is good, filling and, most importantly for this list, affordable.

3. Bar No 9

This Helsinki staple, Bar No 9 or Ysi Bar, is named after its location on Uudenmaankatu 9. It's a laid-back neighbourhood bistro that serves dishes varying from salads to steaks.

Their no-reservations policy means that on a Saturday night you might struggle to find a table.

Most pastas and woks under 15 euros, but for a steak you'll be spending more.

4. Fat Ramen

Big portions of hearty ramen – Fat Ramen lives up to its name. According to their website, they were the first ramen restaurant in Helsinki.

Admittedly, some of their ramen dishes are over 15 euros. But they have many options well under 15 euros, too. So I'll allow them on this list.

Fat Ramen has two locations: one in Hietalahden Kauppahalli and one in Kallio.

5. Döner Harju

Döner Harju originally started in Kallio but now has a few different locations around Helsinki. This place stands out from other kebab restaurants with a more “hipster” take than the more traditional kebab places.

Döner Harju has a very limited selection: just kebab (lamb, chicken and a vegan version) and falafel. But boy, do they do it well.

6. Eerikin Pippuri

Let's continue with kebab. Eerikin Pippuri is a kebab classic in Kamppi. This place isn't fancy, but if you're after big portions and low prices, you've come to the right place.

7. Fafa's

And the Middle Eastern theme continues. Fafa's was one of the original falafel places (if not the original place?) that introduced this tasty chickpea treat to Finns. Thanks to its popularity, Fafa's is now a large chain with multiple locations around Helsinki.

They focus on vegetarian and vegan options, so if that's right up your alley, Fafa's is a good option.

8. The Frogg

The Frogg is a small Vietnamese place in Vallila. A steaming bowl of pho, rice noodle salad with fresh herbs, or a traditional banh mi baguette – all items on the menu are under €15.

9. Noodle Story

Noodle bowls, noodle soups, pan-fried noodles. Or maybe some dumplings? Noodle Story is all about comforting meals at reasonable prices.

Noodle Story has a couple of locations in Helsinki: one in Kamppi and one in Kallio.

Enjoy international cuisine at unbeatable prices

And lastly, in many restaurants focusing on international (or “ethnic”) cuisine you can get great food at reasonable prices. But don't expect a super cheap meal. Inflation has hit all places and the price point for dining out even in the more moderately priced restaurants is starting to be at 15-20 euros.

But still, if you look for Nepalese, Indian, Thai, Chinese, or Turkish restaurants, you'll probably have a tasty and filling dinner that won't bankrupt you.

Give these a try:



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