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7 cinemas in Helsinki that will make your movie night a bit more special

7 cinemas in Helsinki that will make your movie night a bit more special

Planning a movie night in Helsinki? From big blockbusters to indie darlings – Helsinki's cinemas got it all. Here are seven picks from Helsinki's movie theaters that will make your movie night a bit more special.

If you don't speak Finnish and are wondering how you'll manage in the movies: you're in luck, because in Finland we subtitle most of our movies. You can see most films in their original language.

1. Kino Regina in the Oodi library

Kino Regina is located inside the Oodi library, Helsinki's landmark of modern architecture.

Here you'll see movies from all genres but usually not the newest productions. Anything from black-and-white silent films to studio Ghibli and modern horror classics.

2. Cinema Orion in Kamppi

Experience some old art deco charm in this movie theater opened to the public already back in 1928. Here you can catch both newer and older films.

3. Kino Korjaamo in Töölö

Kino Korjaamo is located in Korjaamo, an old tram depot repurposed as a site for culture, events and food.

This cinema has a limited selection, but usually newer movies. Maybe a bit more indie than the biggest superhero movies, but it does feature them, too.

4. Riviera in Kallio

Riviera is very trendy and very popular – you might have to book your tickets well in advance. It's a small theater with cozy sofa-like seats. And you can get a drink from their bar and sip on it while enjoying the movie.

5. Kino Engel in Senate Square

Kino Engle is a small cozy theater right next to the Senate Square. It shows newer movies, but the emphasis is on a bit more indie or international cinema than American blockbusters.

6. Engel Kesäkino – outdoors summer cinema

If you're visiting Helsinki in the summer, make sure to pay a visit to Engel's “summer cinema”. Snug up under a blanket in this temporary cinema set up in their courtyard, have a glass of wine and enjoy a movie in the summer night.

7. Finnkino: Kinopalatsi, Tennispalatsi and Maxim in the city center

And lastly, Finnkino, the biggest movie theater chain in Finland. It has several theaters in the metropolitan area, but the most central ones are:

Kinopalatsi and Tennispalatsi are your basic big movie theaters. If you're looking for big screens and blaring audio, try these locations and their premium auditoriums.

Maxim, on the other hand, has a bit more character. It's Finland's oldest movie theater – if you want a touch of history to your movie night, Maxim might be your pick.



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